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Mar. 28th, 2010



Things that have happened since I last dusted off this journal:

1. My very first niece, Ariana, was born almost two months ago! (She's adorable and I love her and have already begun stockpiling children's books)

2. I got accepted to Evergreen! (yesterday)

3. I moved to Eugene to go to school for this year.

4. Done a lot of things I hadn't previously that I should probably not mention online.

5. Read a lot more books.

6.I got a new sewing machine which I just LOVE.

Things that I have not done since then:

1. Learned to stop procrastinating.

2. Wrote a lot!

3. Broken up with the boyfriend.

4. Forged a functional relationship with my mother. 

Total: Won some, lost some. Mostly won though. :)

Just for fun and future shits and giggles, things I am going to do (in the relatively near future):

1. Go to Burning Man this summer with my very closest friends in the world.

2. Get a proper job for the summer. Working at theatre camp does not count.

3. Actually ATTEND Evergreen! (with the boyfriend, incidentally)

4. Make more of my own clothes and other stuff. 

5. Learn to beat the procrastination monster! 

(Yeah, right. I haven't changed THAT much.)

Sep. 3rd, 2009

pirates kisses

Daily Drabble #2

Well, it's the second day of my month of daily writing... (let's pretend September started on the 2nd, shall we?) so here is a second snippet of my brain.

Daily Drabble #2

Annette, the young turtle of Johannes's dreams, sunned herself elegantly on a rock, every so often breaking her stillness with the slight twitch of an eyelid. Not quite a wink, Johannes thought, but then again, perhaps not not a wink, either. Each time the tiny movement occured, it triggered a considerably  larger flutter in the depths of his belly, as though the grasses he munched were populated with energetic flies. 

Suddenly, Annette opened her eyes -not merely a flutter- and let out a ladylike turtley gurgle as she slipped gracefully into the water below. Johannes almost fell off his muddy log in shock. Annette was gone! Ah, well, he thought. Maybe next time she will gurgle...at me.


Sep. 2nd, 2009

global warming pirates

daily drabble...?

 So I'm taking an intro to imaginative writing: fiction class in October (when my first term of college officially begins, OMG, insert young inexperienced joy here) and I thought that for the month of September I would make an attempt at a daily 100-word (or more if I'm feeling ambitious/crazy) drabble of something. Having mostly abandoned this journal long ago, I'm pretty sure no one's going to be reading it- or if they are, they're not going to be paying attention, so lj=writing sandbox for me now. 


She had suspected for some time now that she felt at home only in impermanance. After living out of a suitcase between places for five years, she realized she could only become comfortable in a bedroom in which the plum-colored plastic suitcase lay quietly in the corner, openmouthed, overwhelmed by the clothes spilling out of it and the dresser stood empty and ignored. So when she got this great new bedroom where she planned to live for the entire year, packed away the suitcase in the storage shed at the back of the yard, and flopped down on her newly made bed in the perfectly ordered room, she felt a twitch of nervousness. 

The banana box currently sitting under the mirror labeled "bedroom- misc." wasn't going anywhere, she decided. She needed something to make her feel at home.

Jun. 2nd, 2008

maiden of the free


In california at my aunt & uncle's house. But I really want to be at home right now.

I got a voicemail yesterday from connor. crying.

Senior party was night before last. 

Three students drove away at seven in the morning. The driver, at least, was still drunk.

Two of my classmates died yesterday. 

Pauline, a junior like me, and Brook, a sophomore and rodeo queen. 

The boy, a senior, survived. He was in the backseat. 

I'm in shock. And I want to go home and see everyone.

May. 13th, 2008

elephant trampoline








Apr. 29th, 2008

elephant trampoline

All day rehearsal=

No school= Hanging out in the green room all day= Best. Day. Ever.

Oh, people. I love you so much, it's ridiculous. 

Antigone this thursday-saturday, Toy Shoppe next saturday & sunday. Shows, shows, all the time!

Apr. 2nd, 2008

global warming pirates

I <3 lolcats

Lolcat + Monty Python = Favorite thing ever 
humorous pictures

Mar. 11th, 2008


SPN fic rec OF GOD

So. Have found BEST FIC EVER.

You must read it. Now. Is crack.

Mar. 7th, 2008

Sirius killed by drapery

Play exhaustion

 So. Fucking. Exhausted. 

I've been working backstage on Crazy For You for the past...four days now, and I haven't been home before ten fifteen or later all week, and it's the beginning of a new trimester, and I haven't had time to do anything except eat sleep school work.

So if I've been supposed to talk to you about a project or anything else- Rinney, Bella, whoever, I'm terribly sorry but I am a zombie and anything I'd have to say would be nonsense punctuated with "Turn the fucking platform! Get out of the wings! Get me that table!" kind of drivel. 

I just keep telling myself, "You have backstage passes to the 48 Straight friday night. You will be going to malibu with miranda for a week the next day. Just ignore everything else and you will live."

So yeah.

Feb. 3rd, 2008

maiden of the free

Rain drabble

She loved rain, loved the sounds it made as the tiny droplets exploded in miniscule deaths upon her rooftop. She loved the rushing of water coming from her drainpipe like a river from the heavens. She loved the color the sky became- not gray, like clouds were assumed to be, but a dark, dark blue, like the deep ocean. There was an ocean overhead, she liked to think, and it would come down on her with a mighty BOOM and the flash of lightning. Lightning and thunder were all very well, she thought, in their way, but she preferred the steady litany of drops splashing onto pavement to the showy displays of celestial power that were manifest in lightning and thunder. Really, she often mused, the combination of the two was absurd- by itself, a single flash of lightning unaccompanied by thunder or vice versa might do nicely to terrify native dwellers of the lands of long ago, but to place the two in concert was simply showing off. Rain wasn’t like that- it simply existed. It came when it could hold off no longer, and when it was done, it left gentle reminders of its presence in the hanging of the air, the steamy roads, and the drooping of leaves heavy with water.

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